Automated solutions

We always start with a thorough analysis with our customer, to be as precise as possible before starting a development project. We have tried this so many times and even though we know that development sometimes change direction according to new knowledge or new ideas from the market or our customers we always strive to obtain a cost-effective solution. Depending on the type of project we will give an estimate on the final price, but we always try to make the agreement as fair as possible, therefore we sometimes go’ for a “time used” agreement instead. One of our core values is fairness. We know that a happy customer will be our best asset, and therefore we have a high level of repurchasing customers.

Different industries:

  • industrial bakery production
  • industrial dairy production
  • industrial wood floor production
  • … and other

But even though we have made a lot of special automated, sometimes robot assisted, solutions our special focus is optimization of CNC-machine production. That’s our core business. So call us if you need help with your next automation projet.

Any questions?

We are ready to answer any questions you may have that you can’t find answered here on the website. So don’t hesitate to contact us.