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To celebrate this, we have made you an special offer. We will give every one who orders within this work week (Friday 23:59) a 20% discount on the order of a POWER|2|DOOR – Fast and Safe.

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This is not fake news – This is one of the most responsive automatic door solutions in action. You don’t have to be afraid of using our solution – it is SAFE! Ask your supplier of door openers if they will stick their own hand into a door with a 3mm sharp edge?

If you need an automatic door solution, use a POWER|2|DOOR, it’s fast and safe – you won’t regret it!

Give us a call, we are ready at the phones (+45) 60 19 14 80 (Jens) or (+45) 21 41 23 55 (Bjarne)

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Ready, set, GO!!!

We have just used the summer shut down at one of our customers, to install another POWER|2|DOOR solution at a large two door CNC lathe. This time it’s installed as a part of a larger fenced robot assisted machine tending solution.

But no worry we can easily adjust the POWER|2|DOOR controller, to run according to the setup. In that way we can speed up the opening and closing time, but still have a short and smooth ramp down. In that way we don’t make unnecessary load on the NC that is mounted on one of the doors.

If you need a FAST & SAFE, reliable and well-proven door opener solution, then please give us a call, Jens (+45) 60 19 14 80 or Bjarne (+45) 21 41 23 55.

#power2door #automation #robotics #workenvironment #oee #CNC #cncmachine #retrofit