ROI calculator

System Cost (Step 1/3)

Total system cost of a new automation solution

Number of robots for solution

Current expenses (Step 2/3)

Application of solution

Shifts per day (1-5)

Days per week (1-7)

Weeks per year (1-52)

This calculation assumes a machine running 24/7/365.

Operation cost is calculated in electricity spending, with the cost at 0,5 dkk / hour.

Yearly salary expenses per operator + benefits

Amount of operators released per shift

Other savings (Step 3/3)

Percentage of kept work for required system operations per shift

Expected increased efficiency percentage

Other yearly savings


Inflation set to 2.8%

Released labor

over 7 years

Productivity improvement

over 7 years

Break even



System expenses

Maintenance costs

Operating costs

Freed labor

Productivity improvement

Other savings

Avg. savings

Cumulative savings

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